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Box office: USAns trolled Strange and Affleck

Image The seemingly obvious relationship between the impending school holidays and success in the children's cartoon box office isn't really all that straightforward. Yes, the leader this week was the animated musical of DreamWorks " Trolls ", but with its naivety and deliberate simplification of the script, only preschoolers could like it. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that for a long time there was no project for the smallest viewers in the cinema distribution network. This is probably why the comedy of Walt Dorn and Mike Mitchell became a triumph.

The film raised a considerable amount on its debut weekend - 247.5 million rubles. , surpassing the starting fees for such films as "Finding Dory" ( 214 million rubles. ), “ Smeshariki. The Legend of the Golden Dragon "( 120 million rubles. ) and" Storks "( 108 million rubles. ). In addition, the success of the film in the USA box office affected the overall collection of the twenty highest-grossing projects of the week. It is thanks to the " Trolls " that their results for the first time since mid-August have exceeded the mark of 700 million rubles . It is clear that distributors are satisfied with the film, which analysts did not predict such a rise, and received not only the desired profit, but also positive feedback from the target audience.

In this case, it must be admitted, the advertising campaign worked as it should, because the promoters with the accents were mistaken, and older children would have come to the sessions of " Trolls ", who would clearly not be satisfied with a riot of colors and an abundance of funny songs significant primitivization of the plot. Well, for kids, such a schematic character of characters, conflicts (if you can call the local situations that way) and morality just right. The high-quality animation, the friendly message and the vigor of the cartoon also made a positive impression.


However, it is necessary to understand that the cute creatures managed to capture the leadership positions only thanks to the distributors' decision to shift the official premiere of the high-profile and long-awaited blockbuster " Doctor Strange ". The latest comic adaptation this year heralded a new phase in the construction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fantastic action movie Scott Derrickson presented such a feast for the eyes, such inventive action and beautiful graphics that even movie fans tired of the dominance of superheroes considered it a mistake to miss it.

Despite all this, the non-standard release strategy did not allow the newcomer to win back the palm. In USA, the film was released only in premium formats IMAX, 4DX, D-Box, Atmos and Auro and, as expected, received only 148 million rubles ... However, in other post-Soviet countries, Strange worked his magic, breaking space and penetrating unknown worlds, in all formats at once. A full-fledged rental allowed the tape to master in the CIS in three days 40.6 million rubles , which is more than Guardians of the Galaxy had ( 31.6 million rubles ), but less than the "Age of Ultron" ( 76.7 million rubles. ) and the triquel of "The First Avenger" ( 69 million rubles. ) in four days.

ImageLogic suggests that the next seven days should bring " Strange "colossal fees, and this is not surprising, given that not all the movie comics of 2016 were able to meet the expectations of fans and critics, being either not brave enough or too cumbersome and messy. Naturally, everyone wants to appreciate the promised numerous advantages of a project that stands out from the ranks of typical adaptations of graphic novels, if not a concept, then at least a visual component. Moreover, in the film, the first violin is played by the audience's favorite Benedict Cumberbatch, and from behind his back, dressed in a scarlet cloak, such giants of large and small screens as Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Siunton, look out.
It's no secret that originally scheduled for an earlier date, the blockbuster Derrickson was postponed so as not to compete with the domestic drama " Icebreaker ". Thanks to this, last week she was able to come out on top of the rating, but at a new round of the battle for viewers' finances, she slipped to third position. However, the decline in interest in the film Nikolai Khomeriki turned out to be non-catastrophic, comparable to the gradual fading of demand for "Crew", "Duelist" and "Metro". The third weekend gave the fearless sailors stuck in the ice a chance to earn some more money, and they brought additional 82 million rubles to the project's treasury. And during the eleven days of being on the screens of the country, “ Icebreaker ” accumulated 250 million rubles .
Not too warmly received by reviewers, the action movie Payback found itself in fourth place in the financial race. Let's make a reservation right away that this is a good result for a film that was advertised by the most modest methods, clearly placing bets on other films. Nevertheless, the painting Gavin O'Connor managed to interest its audience, having collected 75 million rubles . At the same level, similar themes and genres, such as Jack Reacher ( 80 million rubles ), Legend ( 77 million rubles ), Black Mass ”( 65.3 million rubles ) and“ Sovetnik ”( 76.4 million rubles ).


In the meantime, distributors are calculating income, journalists are trying to figure out the reasons for the failures (but not at all failure) " Payback ". In their opinion, it is all the fault of the clumsy colossus of the script, so cumbersome and twisted that the plot's intrigue is lost behind it. Also, not too experienced author Bill Dubuc is blamed for the unforgivable frivolity of the genre. And yet a fascinating puzzle that does not avoid important social problems and is skillfully played by Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons and John Bernthal justifies the money spent watching it.

Our review closes with a new tale from Tim Burton " Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children ", which, unlike yesterday's rivals, "Inferno" and the sequel to "Jack Reacher", managed to stay in top-5. Loyal fans of the eccentric Burton brought in his fantasy sessions 42 million rubles , bringing the total box office of the tape to 952 million rubles . Thus, we can safely say that the adaptation of Ransom Riggs' novel will soon overcome the coveted billion dollar milestone.

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Author: Jake Pinkman