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Sergey Bodrov will go to conquer Borneo

Image Maybe the "Seventh Son" by Sergei Bodrov received devastating press reviews, but do not forget that two of the director's works, "Mongol" and "Prisoner of the Caucasus" were nominated for Oscar " . According to the site Variety , in the near future Bodrov Sr. does not plan to return to the fantasy genre, but he is ready to lead the filming of an adventure film based on real events.

According to the source, Bodrov was invited to take the director's chair for the film White Rajah ( White Rajah *) about the adventures of Sir James Brook on Borneo. Brooke , by the way, inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the story The Man Who Wanted to Be King , and Joseph Conrad presented readers with the novel Lord Jim .

In 1839, Brook went to Borneo, where he received the status of White Rajah after helping the Sultan to suppress the rebellion in Sarawak. Brook became fascinated by the local nature and people and dedicated his life to fighting slavery and piracy. He opposed British imperialism, which is why he was eventually charged with murder and piracy, which, however, could not be proved. James Brook marked the beginning of an entire dynasty of White Rajas who ruled Sarawak before World War II.


The script for the new project was written by Rob Ellin ("The Burning Isle"), based on the writings of James Brook and documents from his family archives. Filming is scheduled to begin next year. They will be held in Sarawak, where Brook lived and ruled.

* -preliminary translation.

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