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Volunteers will inevitably join the army again

Image Earlier this year, NBC planned to film a television remake of the comedy "What about Bob?", Starring Bill Murray. The project was eventually closed, and, to the relief of the fans of the actor's work, they will not see the female version of this funny story. But on TV another classic film with Murray may migrate - "Volunteers against their will". According to the Variety portal, the new version of the film is being prepared by the CBS channel.

Recall that the main character of the original tape, John Winger, in an instant lost his job in the taxi service, a car and a girl. Realizing that he has no special prospects, John, together with his best friend, decides to sign up for the service, but the army life in the end turns out to be not at all as pleasant as the guys imagined.

The television remake of the comedy is being handled by Sony Pictures Television. The Captive Volunteers director Ivan Reitman is also involved in the project: he will produce and possibly lead the series. The screenplay will be written by Trevor Moore, Sam Brown and Zach Kregger - the trio behind the Urban Primates sketch show. As in the full-length film, the main characters will go to serve in the army in order to find the meaning of life, and then they will be included in the group of the same eccentrics as themselves.


"Volunteers inevitably" at one time grossed more than $ 85 million at the box office and over the past 35 years have acquired a large army of fans, so the creators of the new project will have to put in a lot of effort to make a series worthy of the original.

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Author: Jake Pinkman