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Shooter in Search of the Tower and Leskov in English: Watch this week

Image In the first week of August, distributors are preparing to please the viewer with a whole set of interesting films. The main stake is on a long-term construction called "The Dark Tower" , however, in addition to the film adaptation of Stephen King's opus magnum, several films will be released, trailers for which promise interesting stories.

The main work of the great and terrible Stephen King tells about the mysterious Arrow , going to the no less mysterious Dark Tower, on which everything is based. The work went to its screen incarnation for more than ten years. During this time, the project has changed several directors (among them such masters as J.J. Abrams, Akiva Goldsman and Ron Howard), screenwriters and leading actors (at various times, the main role was planned for Russell Crowe, Javier Bardem and Liam Neeson).

The Dark Tower
Duplicate Trailer

When the role of Strelka was given to the good artist Idris Elba, the Internet community reacted ambiguously. Some felt that this was a direct violation of the canons, others decided that this was a competent marketing move, showing that the film would not blindly follow the letter of the original source. But the appointment to the role of the antagonist Matthew McConaughey caused much more positive emotions among fans of the work. Stephen King himself has already watched the film and said that it cannot be called a direct film adaptation, but the spirit of the book is accurately conveyed. Perhaps his words are just a PR move, but frankly speaking, I really want the film to be more interesting than the way it was created.

Dubbed trailer

In the meantime, McConaughey and Elba speak the language of bullets and magic, Windy River promises to be the most swirling detective of the summer. The investigation into the case of the brutally murdered girl on the territory of the Indian reservation has already shown itself well in the world. The tape was noted at the Cannes Film Festival , and the overwhelming majority of foreign critics unanimously praise it. Adding interest and personality to the director - Taylor Sheridan two years ago released the absolute masterpiece "At Any Cost", in which even the cute Chris Pine was forced to play very well. In "Windy River" , the main role is played by Jeremy Renner, who, fortunately, not only knows how to shoot a bow, but also create complex images ("The Lord of the Storm", "City of Thieves").

Dubbed Trailer

When the British undertake to film USA classics, it is always at least curious. Taking as a basis the essay by Nikolai Semenovich Leskov Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District , director William Oldroyd transfers the action from the USA Empire to Victorian England of the 19th century. At the same time, it retains the main plot. Two years ago, the British filmed War and Peace, and that project definitely deserved attention. What the new Lady Macbeth will be like remains to be seen, but on the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes she has 88% positive reviews. This is both encouraging and intriguing.

ImageThe once-in-demand actress Halle Berry is now in a downturn (hopefully a temporary ) in the quarry. If she appears in major blockbusters, then on the sidelines, and in the foreground she appears only in good, but disposable tapes. In her last "solo" appearance, Holly saved someone else's child, and in the new film she will have to fight for her own child. The painting “Kidnapping” is the case when the outcome with a high degree of probability can be predicted already by the rental rating, the question is how convincingly the authors will tell the story.

Also released this week is the action-thriller The Guard , in which Antonio Banderas confronts Ben Kingsley's gang pursuing a girl who has witnessed a crime. And the domestic film "Closeness" , awarded at the Cannes Film Festival with the FIPRESCIA prize, will tell the story of a girl who did everything the other way around until a tragedy struck her home.

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