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Brad Pitt will entertain the aliens

Image In October 1938, nearly two million Americans mistook Orson Welles' audio performance War of the Worlds for real radio coverage and began preparing for the battle with the Martians. Since then, famous film and television figures have shown aliens many times as unfriendly guests from distant worlds who dream of conquering our planet. Brad Pitt's Plan B is ready to move away from the usual Hollywood cliches and show aliens in a new light, having bought the rights to film adaptation of Matthew Tobin Anderson's science fiction novel Landscape With Invisible Hand.

Unlike the Martians of H.G. Wells, the aliens from Anderson's work arrived on the Blue Planet to lend a helping hand to its inhabitants. The alien race helped people introduce their fantastic technologies into almost all areas of life. Soon, many earthly professions lost their relevance, which is why humanity was faced with a rapid increase in unemployment.

Teenagers in love Adam and Chloe decide to find a way to save their families from bankruptcy and earn at least some money for food, clean water and medicine. Knowing that aliens are big fans of terrestrial television, they start their own video blog in the spirit of the TV series of the 50s of the XX century. Soon, their show becomes wildly popular. None of the aliens even realizes that Adam and Chloe portray the perfect couple only in front of the camera, but in fact, their relationship deteriorates with each new episode ...


Anderson's book went on sale just two months ago, but has already earned a lot of rave reviews from literary critics. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Plan B will be assisted by Annapurna Pictures in the film adaptation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman