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Stan Lee will be an action hero

Image Over the past decade, action superheroes have managed to rise to the top of the list of the most popular genres of cinema. It looks like Hollywood has finally decided to thank the creator of X-Men , Fantastic Four , Iron Man , Hulk for this phenomenal success >, Spider-Man and many other heroes of graphic novels. The Hollywood Reporter reports that 20th Century Fox is starting work on a film about the life of Stan Lee .

Stan spent his childhood in a tiny apartment in the Bronx. As a teenager, he had to earn money as a sandwich delivery man, a usher at a Broadway theater, a subscription sales manager for the New York Herald Tribune , and an obituary writer for many New York periodicals. Stan dreamed of writing an epic novel about the Big Apple of the early 20th century, but fate wanted him to connect his life with comics.

Fox has decided to abandon the idea of filming a biopic Lee in the traditional style. The details of the plot of the film are still kept secret, but sources close to the management of the film company assure that the audience will expect an action-adventure in the style of the spy thriller "Kingsman: The Secret Service" and James Bond films with Roger Moore.


It is expected that the action of the tape will unfold in the 70s, when the popularity of Stan could give odds to many rock stars. It was during those years that the famous comic book author decided to make his first attempt to conquer Hollywood.

At the moment studio Fox is looking for scriptwriters and a director for the project. Meanwhile, connoisseurs of Stan have already found a candidate for the title role. Many members of the geek community agree that the embodiment of the image of the legend of the world of comics should be entrusted to Brian Cranston ("Breaking Bad" / Breaking Bad ).


They expect to bring in Marty Bowen and Vic Godfrey to produce the biopic Stan Lee , whose track record includes the Twilight and Maze Runner franchises.

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