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Tarantino became interested in the Manson cult

Image Quentin Tarantino said more than once that by making ten films, he would leave directing in the past, and information was leaked to the press about which project could be his next work.

As the portal The Hollywood Reporter managed to find out, Tarantino is preparing a film that will tell about the crimes of the notorious commune of Charles Manson. As in the rest of the director's films, Hollywood stars of the first echelon will be involved in the new film. According to the source, Tarantino has already offered roles in the project to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence, but they have not yet given official consent to participate in the filming.

The film will be produced by longtime collaborators Tarantino - Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who are still looking for a studio that is ready to partially finance the project and deal with its distribution.


Now Tarantino is finishing work on the script for the film, but the details of its plot have not been disclosed. It is only known that one of the storylines will focus on the actress Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanski, who died at the hands of Manson 's henchmen. The latter in 1969 ordered four of his followers to break into the house of an alleged music producer who refused him. As a result, the criminals broke into the house of Polanski , which was at that time in London, and killed the pregnant Tate and four other people. According to rumors, the role of Sharon Tarantino wants to give Margot Robbie. The film will probably not do without director Samuel L. Jackson's favorite.


If the project about Manson and his cult really becomes the next film of Tarantino , then the director for the first time in his career will shoot a tape based on real events. Filming is scheduled to begin in summer 2018.

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Author: Jake Pinkman