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USAn Box Office is glad to be deceived

Image Last weekend ( June 9-12 ), domestic viewers preferred to forget about the powerful orcs and went to the movie shows, where real magic was created. " The illusion of deception 2 " without any special difficulties managed to bypass all of its competitors by a significant margin.

Critics speak negatively about the creation of John M. Chu , but the USAs took the picture 464.7 million rubles to the piggy bank - the ninth result among the releases of this year. The first film at one time earned 68% less, which, however, did not prevent him from collecting in the end 680.2 million rubles. The sequel will conquer this mark by the end of the week and risks becoming another billionaire in domestic distribution.

Despite the flurry of negative criticism that fell on the heads of the creators of "Illusions of Deception 2" , the picture undoubtedly has a number of advantages. Reviewers noted the exciting special effects that surpass the first part in scale, as well as the play of Woody Harrelson and Lizzie Kaplan, who were responsible for the humorous component in the Chu tape. At the same time, the director takes no more quality, but quantity: many of the Four Horsemen tricks do not obey simple laws of logic, and the tension subsides by the middle of the film.


Studio Lionsgate announced plans to film the triquel before the premiere of the second part, but the film is not yet very popular in American theaters, which may force the major to reconsider his optimistic views on the franchise.

The second line was kept by the fantasy " Warcraft ", slightly bypassing the heavily armed reptiles. The third weekend in the domestic box office brought the blockbuster Duncan Jones 104.6 million rubles , and its total box office has already reached the figure 1.34 billion rubles. The audience of the film continues to fall at a rapid pace (over the past week - 58%), which is quite typical for all films of this genre.


However, this does not hinder the Warcraft team is proud that the decade-long work is bearing fruit and delighting fans of the original games. Jones still managed to reproduce the visual style of the original in the film adaptation, and although at times the plot of the blockbuster seems crumpled, the director coped with his task.

The previous weekend's leader, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 , had to settle for position three this past weekend. Only 102.7 million rubles. went to the sequel's piggy bank, and so far it boasts a total of 513.9 million rubles.


The film Dave Green though took into account the mistakes of the first part, but still disappointed critics and viewers. As in any project produced by Michael Bay, in the second Turtles something is constantly happening - chases, fights and chases again. However, it all looks so incoherent that only the seductive Megan Fox and the charismatic newcomer of the franchise Stephen Amell, who plays Casey Jones , draws the attention of the audience.


The fourth position in the financial rating went to " Alice Through the Looking Glass ". Another sequel-failure - the picture of James Bobin last weekend collected only 51.6 million rubles , and its total achievements in the USA box office are estimated at 601.1 million rub. , which is almost half the result of the first part for the same period. A similar result is to be expected with just a glimpse of the film reviews. The sequel uses already boring ideas and does not offer the audience anything new visually, which could not be said about "Alice in Wonderland", directed by Tim Burton.


And the comedy action movie " Nicefellas " closes the top five. The tape made its debut in preview format in only 500 cinemas (the same Illusions of Deception 2 ” - 1122), but managed to earn a solid 27 million rubles. , while causing rave reviews critics. The director and screenwriter Shane Black , who knows a lot about buddy movies, deserves special praise, and the performance of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling can be called filigree. The reviewers' verdict is as follows: Goodfellas is an action movie from the 70s with funny jokes and brilliant dialogues.

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Author: Jake Pinkman