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US Box Office: Orcs lost battle to Warrens

Image The fantasy blockbuster " Warcraft " has been storming the world's cinemas for a couple of weeks, but it only debuted in the US last weekend ( June 10-12 ). Much to the regret of fans of the original, the orcs still had to be content with a second place in the North American box office.

And the culprit of this defeat was a married couple of Warrens - experts in paranormal investigations from the horror " The Conjuring 2 ". Considering that in recent years sequels have most often disappointed their creators, journalists and distributors have paid close attention to the continuation of The Conjuring. And the horror movie James Wang did not disappoint - in the first weekend he earned $ 40.4 million .

This result is almost identical to what the first part showed in 2013 ($ 41.8 million). And on the world stage, the second "Conjuring" is doing very well - the film grossed more than $ 90 million , already twice the production budget ( $ 40 million ).


If we talk about criticism of the tape Wang , then the reviewers mainly refer to the fact that the second part turned out to be less scary than the first, but even in this situation, the director manages to build tension throughout the entire timing. The audience was delighted with the horror, giving it an A- mark on the CinemaScore website.

Runner-up in the top 5 Warcraft boasts only $ 24.4 million - not the best result for a fantasy with a budget of $ 160 million ... However, the leadership of Legendary and Universal is glad at least that in the world box office the box office of the tape Duncan Jones has already passed the mark of $ 285 million. At the same time, $ 156 million of the indicated amount is the merit of the Chinese viewers, who paid such impressive funds for viewing Warcraft in the first five days of the show.


The audience liked the adaptation of the cult game a little less than the horror movie James Wang , and this is evidenced by the rating B + received by the movie from cinema goers. The critics, however, were supportive in their statements, saying that Jones put on a beautiful performance. However, professional reviewers had a lot of complaints about "Warcraft" . In their opinion, the director and his team managed to visually recreate the amazing world of the original on the screens, but they could not breathe life into it.

The third position in the top 5 was occupied by the sequel "Illusion of Deception" . The return of The Four Horsemen has resulted in $ 23 million for the creators of the tape. The second part noticeably lags behind its predecessor in gross, which started from the $ 29.3 million mark three years ago. itself in the international arena, which Illusion of Deception 2 cannot yet boast of - it has only $ 45.8 million at the world box office.


Critics are divided over John Chu's creation . But one thing is for sure: if you liked the first part, then you will also like the second. The tone of the picture has changed somewhat compared to the original "Illusion of Deception", a villain played by Daniel Radcliffe was added, but still Chu coped with the task of entertaining and fooling the audience.


The leader of last week, the blockbuster " Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 ", had to drop to the fourth line. Negative reviews played a role, and the film Dave Green lost 58% of viewers at once. Last weekend, the tape added $ 14.8 million to its piggy bank, and its total earnings amounted to $ 61 million - a dubious success for a project with a budget of $ 135 million .


Closing the top five is another blockbuster - " X-Men: Apocalypse ", which ended its third week with a result of $ 10 million . The mutants from Marvel comics managed to collect $ 136.4 million , making them the eighth in the list of all the X-Men films, of which there are a total of nine. Apparently, the leadership of 20th Century Fox will still have to use different tactics with respect to the rest of the projects in the universe.

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Author: Jake Pinkman