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The Second Life of Tom Hanks

Image Tom Hanks does not often agree to participate in the filming of remakes. It is unlikely that the Hollywood actor can include the film "Gentlemen's Game" in the list of his best achievements, even if the Coen brothers were behind its creation. However, Hanks is ready to try his luck again. According to Deadline, he will star in the remake of the Swedish dramatic comedy Uwe's Second Life.

Hanks will play a grumpy widower who begins to feel like the most unhappy person in the world after being fired from his job. Then Uwe goes to the extreme - decides to commit suicide. However, every attempt fails: either the circumstances are not in favor of the main character, or someone urgently needs help. Over time, Uwe develops friendships with new neighbors, forcing him to look at life from a different angle, even if he does not give up trying to end it all ...

The Swedish film was directed by Hannes Holm and starred by Rolf Lassgard. The tape was nominated for two Oscars. The remake will be produced by Hanks himself, along with Gary Goetzman ("American Gods"), Rita Wilson ("Mamma MIA!") And Frederick Wikstrom, who worked on the original. Screenwriter and director for the new version has not been found yet.


"This story of love, tolerance and hope elevates all the qualities that have become hallmarks of the classic cinema that we know and love", commented Rita Wilson.

In a few months, Tom Hanks can be seen in Steven Spielberg's drama The Newspapers, which is already considered one of the potential Oscar nominees.

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Author: Jake Pinkman