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Casting: Girlfriend for Bumblebee and Boss for Sumer

Image In June, the fifth "Transformers" will go to the big screens, but for now, Paramount continues to expand one of the most successful cinematic universes. A whole group of writers have made a film about Bumblebee , and Haley Steinfeld is negotiating a lead role in the blockbuster. This is reported by the information portal Variety .

The project will be directed by Travis Knight (Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai), and the script is written by Christina Hodson (Locked Up).

What will be discussed in the film and how long the existence of Bumblebee will be shown remains to be seen. The details of the role claimed by Steinfeld were also not disclosed. The blockbuster is set to premiere next year.

The last time Hayley appeared on the big screens in the drama "Almost Seventeen", and at the end of the year, the actress will again sing a cappella in the triquel "Pitch Perfect.


The universe of not only "Transformers", but also "X-Men" continues to expand. Studio 20th Century Fox is preparing a spin-off of the franchise called " New Mutants ", and Charlie Heaton , known to the audience, claims one of the roles in it based on the series "Mysterious Events". Josh Boone (The Fault in the Stars) was chosen as the director of the project, and the film will focus on a group of young mutants, and, according to the director, there will be elements of horror in the blockbuster.

Heaton got the role of Sam Guthrie , better known by his superhero pseudonym Cannonball . He has the ability to generate energy that allows him to fly like a rocket. The actor will be accompanied by Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams and Rosario Dawson.


Having received four nominations for Oscars for her acting in serious dramas, Michelle Williams ("7 Days and Nights with Marilyn") is gearing up for a dramatic change - the actress has signed on to shoot a comedy I Feel Pretty featuring Amy Schumer as her co-star. The main character of Rene Bennett ( Schumer ) knows what it means to be ordinary in the world of those who are lucky with genetics. Falling off the bike and hitting her head, the girl begins to believe that thanks to the spell she has become luxurious. True, those around her do not notice the changes. The newfound confidence pushes Rene to new achievements at work, where she tries to earn the respect of her boss. The latter will be played by Williams .

The film will be directed by screenwriters Abby Cohn and Mark Silverstein (Actively Seeking), for whom the project will be the director's debut.

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