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Is Enterprise ready for a new mission?

Image One of the most famous sci-fi sagas in film and television history will return to the small screens this fall. This is the cult franchise " Star Trek ", the heroes of which have successfully won the hearts of TV lovers five times. The sixth TV project of the popular universe will be the multi-part drama "Star Trek: Discovery", which will take place ten years before the events of the first series about the adventures of the friendly crew of the spaceship " Enterprise ". Many viewers do not doubt the success of the novelty, because the consultant of " Discovery " is such an expert on the world of " Star Trek " as Nicholas Meyer .

It was with the active assistance of Meyer that the three best full-length films were created with the participation of the actors of the original series. The Oscar nominee's first exposure to the Star Trek world took place thanks to the film Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, for which he was awarded the prestigious Saturn ". Four years later, he received a Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Academy Award nomination for his screenplay for Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home. After Star Trek 5: The Last Frontier was met with hostility from trekkers, Paramount decided to invite Nicholas to write and direct the sixth installment of the franchise. Star Trek 6:
Nicholas shared his encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek with the Discovery writing team and kindly agreed to write one of the episodes of the first season autumn news of the television network CBS . In an interview with TrekMovie , he also hinted that his experience could be useful not only on TV, but also in the world of big cinema.


Now I'm working on another project of the universe, - admitted the filmmaker. -Unfortunately, I cannot discuss it with journalists yet”. The interviewer immediately suggested that it was a feature film, since Paramount is currently working on only one new series. Nicholas smiled slyly and replied that such an opinion has a right to life.

It is highly likely that this is the fourth film of the rebooted film series about brave space travelers. Last summer, the producers of the franchise were quite eager to share information about the plot of the quad. The film was expected to feature the father of James Kirk , played by Chris Hemsworth, who had already appeared in 2009's Star Trek. However, all the studio's long-term plans almost had to be scrapped due to the weak performance of the Star Trek: Infinity tape. Justin Lin's blockbuster earned $ 343 million at the worldwide box office and was unable to recoup its impressive $ 185 million budget.


Until recently, the main stars of the trilogy admitted that they do not yet have information about the future fate of the film series. Nicholas Meyer's words give viewers hope that Paramount bosses are ready to send Kirk , Spock , Uhura b>and other famous Star Trek heroes on their way to new adventures.

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