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Sim-salabim and mute Tilda: watch this week

Image Among the general audience, the most anticipated premiere of next week is considered to be the comedy thriller The Illusion of Deception 2 - the continuation of the 2013 film by Louis Leterrier. Thanks to the novelty of the topic (nowadays few people are shooting about magicians), as well as the stellar cast, the original, with a budget of $ 75 million, earned $ 351 million worldwide and was warmly received by moviegoers. Critics, however, found something to complain about. Too much sleight of hand and too little cinematography - that was their verdict.

Recall that in the first part, a group of the most virtuosic illusionists in the world carried out daring robberies right during their shows. The sequel, in whose director's chair was John Chu (Step Up franchise), boils down to the fact that the Four Horsemen will have to cleanse their tarnished reputation and fight a powerful enemy.

Illusion of Deception 2
Duplicate Trailer

Judging by the trailer, not only card tricks and pulling rabbits out of a hat await us, but also a famously twisted intrigue, and the main characters will find themselves in such a jam, from which it will not be easy for them to get out, even using all their professional skills. Our audiences have loved these ensemble crime comedies since the days of Ocean's Eleven, and therefore will certainly want to appreciate the full scope of modern magic on the big screens. No doubt about the success of the sequel, and its creators: this spring, the company Lionsgate gave the go-ahead for the shooting of the third part. Chu will again command the third parade of magicians.

Big Splash
Dubbed Trailer

Fans of more sophisticated cinema can recommend the Franco-Italian film Big Splash - a free remake of the crime melodrama Pool with Romy Schneider. In "Big Splash" everything is beautiful: picturesque landscapes of resort Italy, the ubiquitous sun, tanned bodies and, of course, the actors: Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton. Without being distracted by luxurious locations, they conscientiously act out a juicy psychological thriller that smoothly flows into a criminal detective story. Luca Guadagnino's tape has already been noted at the Venice Film Festival (the jury there liked the soundtrack), and also received many flattering reviews from connoisseurs of arthouse, mixed with human passions. In general, if a vacation is not yet shining for you, but you want to look at the sea and sand from the corner of your eye, "Big splash" can become a kind of outlet. But it is better, of course, not to dwell on how this company ended up ...

ImageIf neither spectacular tricks nor bohemian showdowns interest you, then it is not rich for high-profile releases next week is unlikely to be able to offer something more intelligible. On the list of distributors for June 9 , in addition to the second "Illusion of Deception" and "Big Splash" , only two films are planned, one of which is a documentary , the other is USA.

The lyrical sketch, sharpened purely for the festival audience, entitled Heart of a Dog ( Lina Manjakapr Prize in Venice ) has nothing to do with the great work of Mikhail Bulgakov. Visually reminiscent of a sad dream, a philosophical documentary that struck Roger Ebert to the depths of his soul, was recognized by many festival critics as very emotional and poignant. Every frame and sound here works to create a unique atmosphere, and the result is what the Independent called“almost certainly the only terrier film in the world that contains references to the works of Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard, paintings by Goya and the wisdom of Jewish grandmothers ". By the way,


And the name of the next project of the USA director Renat Davletyarov, who intends to compete with the laureates of prestigious festivals with his thriller titled Pure Art , looks like a mockery of the release's neighbor. Neither Khabensky nor Kozlovsky will be in this film, as, most likely, there will be no art either. The plot is bursting at the seams from the abundance of stamps, and the only picture in the trailer most of all resembles the game "Tetris" , as if it had been painted in oil on canvas. So, perhaps, if anything can Renat lure the viewer to his"art", then the performer of the main role, Anna Chipovskaya, is the star of the sensational series "The Thaw".

However, do not be discouraged. For the next seven days, you can hold out on high-budget prestigeitators, the invariably luxurious Tilda and unseen releases of the last week, and from June 16 it will be more fun: a couple of nice guys will set the heat for the entire USA box office ...

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