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USAn Boxing Office: New Year in a Company with Basketball Players

Image The New Year holidays came to an end, and the USA film distributors began to sum up the results. The total revenue of cinemas in the period from January 1 to 8 amounted to about 3.87 billion rubles, which is only 2% less than last year (3.97 billion rubles), and as much as 30% more than it was possible to earn in 2016-m. More than 60% of the total amount received fell to the share of domestic cinema. The USA-made film also became an absolute triumphant not only on the first weekend of 2018, but also on all the New Year holidays.

The sports drama "Moving Up", which tells the story of the victory of the USSR men's basketball team over the US team at the 1972 Olympics, was released on the last weekend of last year. At the start, she managed to earn a modest 112 million rubles, which allowed the film to occupy the fourth line of the New Year's box office after “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (145 million rubles), “New Fir Trees” (141 million rubles) and “Three Heroes” and the princess of Egypt ”(136 million rubles). However, from January 2, the film box office confidently began its upward movement. For the second weekend at the box office, the tape earned 655 million rubles, thereby breaking the record for "The Last Bogatyr", which received 514 million rubles from viewers on the second weekend. Moreover, compared to the premiere weekend, the film's box office has grown by an astounding 482%, which has never happened in the history of USA film distribution. In just two weeks, the film directed by Anton Megerdichev with Vladimir Mashkov in the title role was able to earn 1.22 billion rubles. with a budget of 450 million rubles. Viking, which was also released during the New Year holidays, managed to earn 1.21 billion rubles in the same period last year.


At the moment, "Moving Up" is in seventh place among the highest-grossing USA films in the entire modern history of our distribution after "The Last Bogatyr" (1.73 billion rubles), "Stalingrad" (1.67 billion rubles), "Viking ”(1.53 billion rubles),“ Crew ”(1.5 billion rubles),“ Elok 3 ”(1.25 billion rubles) and“ Irony of Fate. Continuation "(1.223 billion rubles). There's no doubt that the sports drama will push at least a few of the competitors on this list. Film analysts do not at all rule out the possibility that "Moving Up" will be able to displace from the first place the fabulous family comedy directed by Dmitry Dyachenko. Not only the absence of serious competitors can play into the hands, but also the people's sundress. Critics and viewers accepted the picture with enthusiasm, noting the excellent acting ensemble, excellent camera work,

The third week in the top five and the second place at the end of the holiday weekend for the Hollywood action comedy "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle." The adventures of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan added 298 million rubles to their piggy bank, and the total box office has already exceeded the billion mark and amounted to 1.17 billion rubles. This is a record result for Sony Pictures' projects in our box office. Previously, the palm belonged to the film Men in Black 3, which in 2012 received RUB 1.15 billion from viewers.


Third place went to the cartoon Three Heroes and the Princess of Egypt. The new part of the animation franchise of the Melnitsa studio has spent 260 million rubles over the past weekend. All in all, the creators of the tape about the adventures of Alyosha Popovich, Dobrynya Nikitich and Ilya Muromets have 669 million rubles at the moment. So far, "The Princess of Egypt" is slightly inferior to the fees of the previous film "Three Heroes and the Sea King", but it can be expected that for the remaining rental time the cartoon will be able to catch up with the result of its predecessor. At the end of the second week, the last part of the animated film series had 680 million rubles in its assets, and in total it earned 802 million rubles.


The first major novelty of this year, the musical "The Greatest Showman" with Hugh Jackman in the title role, started from the fourth line. The biographical story of Phineas Taylor Barnum, who organized one of the most popular traveling circuses of the 19th century, received conflicting reviews from critics and audiences. On the one hand, this is a very bright, musical picture, in which Jackman has dreamed of filming since 2009 and he looks very organic in the frame, but on the other hand, the plot of the film itself turned out to be weak and somewhat schematic. Viewers who watched the tape complain about the lack of a coherent story, insufficient elaboration of the characters and motives of the characters, or even a complete lack of logic in what is happening. But in any case, the wonderful music scenes, colorful visuals and the premiere of the picture during the New Year holidays did their job. “The Greatest Showman” began its march through cinemas at the mark of 245 million rubles, which is the best starting result for musical films. For example, the most successful Hollywood musical film in our box office "La La Land", released in mid-January last year, earned 83 million rubles for the premiere weekend, with a total of a little more than 350 million rubles.


Another USA film, the comedy "New Fir Trees", closes the top five of the leaders of New Year's rental. In the top film almanacs, the creative producer of which this time was directed by Zhora Kryzhovnikov, it has been holding for the third week. The continuation of the popular franchise managed to earn almost 184 million rubles during the first weekend in January, and the total box office of the tape is currently about 831 million rubles. Thus, the new "Yolki" managed to interrupt the negative trend - after the extremely successful financially third part, which collected 1.25 billion rubles at the box office, the next two films did not exceed 800 million rubles: "Yolki 1914" earned 704 million rubles ., and "Yolki 5" - 778 million rubles.

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