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Six Demons of the Young Soldier

Image Lionsgate has hired up-and-coming filmmaker Osgood Perkins to write and direct the new supernatural thriller. The project was named Incident at Fort Bragg ("Incident at Fort Bragg") and boasts a rather intriguing synopsis.

The plot of the tape will be based on the real story of the Catholic priest Malachi Martin, who was once officially sent by the US government to exorcise demons from a young soldier serving in the military garrison of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The thriller will be produced by Beau Flynn and his company FlynnPictureCo. Beau is no stranger to the genre, having previously helped release films such as Emily Rose's Six Demons ($ 144 million worldwide) and The Rite with Anthony Hopkins. As for Perkins, he wrote the script for The Blackcoat's Daughter, in which Emma Roberts and Kiernan Shipka are planning to play.

Source: Collider

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