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”TEFI - 2019”. Winners

Image The TEFI award ceremony took place yesterday at the Moscow Musical Theater. Despite the fact that the evening strongly resembled the benefit performance of Anastasia Ivleeva and the Friday TV channel, there was still a place for intrigue: this year the competition received a record number of applications - 630, and most of them fell on the nominations “Series”, “Best Actor TV Series ”and“ Best TV Series Actress ”are exactly the ones that interest LostFilm.INFO.

The headliner of the serial block was the TV3 serial drama "An Ordinary Woman", winning several statuettes at once. Thus, the project won the Best Television Film category, leaving the Year of Culture (TNT) and Copper Sun (NTV) with a nose. Yana Troyanova ("Olga") and Maria Mironova ("Garden Ring") conceded the Best Actress Prize to Anna Mikhalkova. Boris Khlebnikov took the director's statuette, beating the competitors in the person of Alexei Nuzhny ("Tolya Robot") and Ilya Kulikov ("Mylodrama"). Valery Fedorovich and Yevgeny Nikishov effectively bypassed the heavyweights Timur Vainshtein and Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov were awarded the producer of the serial film.


The best daytime television series was the brainchild of the Super channel, PI Pirogov, with Elena Podkaminskaya in the title role. The award in this category was also claimed by “Mukhtar. New Trail ”(NTV) and“ Tourist Police ”(“ Friday ”).

Sergei Burunov took the prize in the category "Best Actor in a Series" for his work in the comedy "Mylodrama", aired on "Friday". Vladimir Mashkov ("Copper Sun") and Alexander Pal ("Tolya Robot") were left without an award.

TNT's flagship project "Policeman from Rublyovka", which during its existence has managed to take root on the cinema screens, was named the best serial comedy of 2019. The series "Olga" and "Mylodrama" have to try their luck next year, since both have received an extension.


It should be noted that the TEFI award focuses on television projects directly, so competitors from online platforms did not get into the visibility zone of the award organizers. This was expressed with regret by one of the creators of “An Ordinary Woman” in a speech of thanks:“Very strong paintings were presented in this nomination. I would like to address the academy. If pictures that were made for online platforms could participate, it would be even better. This is “Call DiCaprio!” And “House arrest.”It is hoped that the organizing committee will pay attention to the words of filmmakers and expand the framework of consciousness.

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Author: Jake Pinkman