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Jason Voorhees sharpens a machete

Image November came to an end, but still managed to present another gift to horror fans. Earlier this month, we announced the revival of The Scream, and yesterday LostFilm.INFO readers learned about plans to reboot The Nightmare on Elm Street. It seems that in the coming years, viewers will find a real parade of movie lovers: Jason Voorhees from the horror films "Friday the 13th" will support colleagues in the villainous workshop.

As is often the case with slashers, the rights to the franchise were transferred to one or another studio. Today, the US judicial system has a rule that filmmakers can return the rights to original characters. Director Sean S. Cunningham and screenwriter Victor Miller took advantage of a loophole in the law to argue over who was the main contributor to the first Friday. The court sided with Victor, but Sean filed an appeal.

Lawyer and part-time actor of the third "Friday" Larry Zerner announced that the court will make a final decision in mid-2020. Both Miller and Cunningham are interested in the development of the franchise, which means that Jason will return to the screens in a couple of years.


At the moment, the series has 12 horror films. The last time Voorhees scared viewers was in 2009. The painting "Friday the 13th" more than paid off the $ 19 million budget, but received devastating reviews in the press.

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