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John Wick's Girlfriend Targets Spin-Offs

Image The universe of "John Wick" is huge, and there will be a place in it not only for the hero Keanu Reeves, but also for many other mercenaries. Therefore, there are already two spin-offs of the franchise in development, and it seems that a third is on the way. If you believe the rumors, the heroine Halle Berry, presented in last year's triquel, can get her own solo album.

Sophia, played by Berry, is a longtime acquaintance of John Wick, and owed him something. In addition, she runs the Moroccan Continental Hotel, where the title character of the franchise found a temporary refuge while other mercenaries were hunting him. Insiders believe that if the spin-off about Sofia is destined to get to the screens, then she will probably go in search of her daughter.

In an interview, director Chad Stahelski admitted that Halle Berry had carefully prepared for the filming of the action. She trained for hours, learned how to handle weapons and dealt with dogs. Such zeal, according to the filmmaker, is highly commendable for a star like Berry.


Another planned spin-off will focus on a mercenary ballerina who avenges the deaths of loved ones. In 2021, the fourth "John Wick" will hit the screens, after which viewers should get acquainted with the series "Continental".

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