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Harley Quinn didn't save the USAn box office

Image Despite the fact that another Hollywood blockbuster has dropped into USA cinemas, the total box office receipts continued to decline. It turned out to be small, about 5% compared to the previous week, and distributors do not despair, counting on profit on the upcoming Valentine's Day. The culprit for the shortfall in funds turned out to be Birds of Prey, which did not meet expectations.

The top 5 box offices in USA at the end of the weekend (February 6-9) are as follows:

1. "Birds of Prey: The Fantastic Story of Harley Quinn"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 240 million rubles.
Total fees: 240 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

The film by Katie Yan started from the bottom of expectations, but this is not surprising - this situation is observed not only in USA, but also in the United States and other countries. Yet Warner Bros. overestimated Harley Quinn's popularity. "Birds of Prey" began a little faster than "Wonder Woman" (226.4 million rubles), but before "Shazam!" (334.2 million rubles), and even more so to Aquaman (524.4 million rubles) and Joker (660.5 million rubles), they are very far away.

2. "1917"


Week at the box office: 2
Added: 68.1 million rubles.
Total fees: 223.3 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-40.2%)

Obviously, the Oscar ceremony fueled the interest of USA viewers in the war drama. The film by Sam Mendes escaped with a moderate drop in fees and even bypassed the bad guys in the battle for the second line of the financial rating. Apparently, "1917" will eventually approach the result of "Dunkirk" (327.5 million rubles).

3. Bad Boys Forever


Week at the box office: 3
Added: 66.3 million rubles.
Total fees: 688.1 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: -2 (-57.5%)

The action blockbuster has lost two positions at once, but there is no reason for frustration. “Mission Impossible: Consequences” (574.8 million rubles), “Three Xs: World Domination” (590.8 million rubles) - all the bad guys have left behind, and this says a lot. After all, the franchise returned to the screens after a long absence and set everyone on fire.

4. "Slave"


Week at the box office: 7
Added: 53.1 million rubles.
Total fees: RUB 3.11 billion.
Sank / Rise: - (-28.5%)

Domestic comedy showed the lowest percentage of audience drop in the top 5. Now "Kholop" is officially the highest-grossing film in the USA box office over the past ten years, and if you take the history of the domestic box office as a whole, then Avatar (3.64 billion rubles) remains at the forefront of the whole planet, and his tape is Klima Shipenko will not bypass.

5. "Little Women"


Week at the box office: 2
Added: 48 million rubles.
Total fees: 143.3 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-30.5%)

The adaptation of the novel by Louise May Alcott also cost minimal losses, which was to some extent due to her presence on the list of Oscar nominees. Moreover, in two weeks Greta Gerwig's picture surpassed the result of "High Life", which completed the USA distribution with the amount of 124 million rubles.

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