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Gone with the Wind Gets Amazon Gold

Image The WarnerMedia conglomerate helped rivals by removing the 1939 film Gone With the Wind from its streaming service. This week, the company decided to temporarily remove the Victor Fleming drama amid massive anti-racist protests in the United States. Management said the Oscar-winning film isa "product of its time"and will return to the library after discussing the historical context in which it was filmed and how it influenced the portrayal of racist stereotypes in Gone With the Wind.

However, the cultural cleansing trend hasn't stopped online giant Amazon from providing audiences with the opportunity to enjoy movie classics. And for good reason: after disappearing from the above service, "Gone with the Wind" took the first line in the list of bestsellers on the Amazon site.


The famous film adaptation of the work of Margaret Mitchell tells the story of an unforgettable love story of southern aristocrats against the backdrop of the unfolding American Civil War. The adaptation won eight Academy Awards and is still one of the highest-grossing films in American cinema history.

Source: Variety

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