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Bourne needs fresh ideas

Image The Jason Bourne franchise is doing its best to survive, even though the audience's interest in it declines. After three great films in the main film series, Universal presented viewers with an unsuccessful spin-off with Jeremy Renner, but in 2016 Bourne still returned to the screens. Now producers are looking for options to continue. Ben Smith admitted last year that the sixth film in the franchise related to the Treadstone project is in the works. Now his colleague Frank Marshall, who produced all five parts, provided the journalists with new information.

“I love the Bourne series and I think now is the time for other filmmakers. I hope we find a fresh idea for the next part and a new director. We are looking, ", - Marshall said in an interview. The producer did not specify if Matt Damon is ready to return to the role of Jason Bourne, but the actor previously said that he would agree if there was a good story.

As for the plans to shoot a new part about the Treadstone program, the project seems to have been postponed until better times. Previously, producers had hoped that viewers would enjoy the franchise's television spin-off, dubbed Treadstone, but due to low ratings, the series was canceled after the first season.

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