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Project Treadstone has been activated

Image Even if Matt Damon does not agree to another dizzying adventure in the style of Jason Bourne, the popular action franchise will continue to exist. Producer Ben Smith admitted to reporters that the sixth film is already in the works. Moreover, the sequel will be in some way related to the Treadstone series, which will air this month.

Until Smith, who worked on Evolution of the Bourne and Jason Bourne, did not reveal the details of the upcoming sequel. The last time viewers saw Bourne performed by Matt Damon was three years ago. Then moviegoers provided Paul Greengrass' action with a decent box office of $ 415 million, but the tape could not win critics.

As for Treadstone, the USA Network series will tell the story of a program whose goal was to transform agents into unstoppable mercenaries. In the center of events will be several of these "sleeping" agents, which are suddenly activated in different parts of the world to complete a secret mission. Probably, the producers are planning to use the stars of the show in the full-length film, but this, of course, will largely depend on how the audience accepts Treadstone.


Jeremy Irwin, Brian J. Smith and Han Hye-joo, who starred in Treadstone, may become the new Jason Borns on the big screens.

Source: CinemaBlend

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