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Kirkman adapts another dimension comic

Image Robert Kirkman became widely known for the success of The Walking Dead, and the author is now planning to adapt his other work - the comic strip "Song of Oblivion". The film will be produced by Universal Pictures in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment. The script for the future film will be written by Sean O'Keefe, who recently completed work on Wonderland starring Mark Wahlberg. Who will take the director's chair is still unknown. Kirkman himself will act as a producer.

The plot of the comic takes place in the not too distant future, ten years after the 300,000 inhabitants of Philadelphia unexpectedly fell into another dimension, in Oblivion. The government tried to save them, but after many years it abandoned this venture. Only Nathan Cole, who lost his brother in the disaster, did not accept such an exodus. Every day he travels to another dimension, risking his life and trying to rescue those who are stuck in Oblivion inhabited by terrible monsters.


Oblivion's Song is not Kirkman's only project in the hands of the TV crew. At the moment, the AMC channel is busy filming the tenth season of "The Walking Dead" and the fifth season of the spin-off to the zombie epic "Fear the Walking Dead". In addition, the series of comics about "Invincible" are planned to be released in the format of an animated series. And in 2016, Cinemax released a TV series based on Kirkman's horror comics Rogue.

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