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US Boxing Office: It's Good To Be Bad

Image It looks like the only ones who can remove the bad guys from the top of the North American box office will be the bad girls from the DC universe. However, there are still a few days left before the premiere of Birds of Prey, so the Los Angeles cops felt safe this weekend. Well, the debutants of the rental for two earned less than $ 10 million and got lost among those who have won the hearts of the audience for several weeks.

The top five US box offices for January 31 - February 2 are as follows:

1. Bad Boys Forever


Week at the box office: 3
Added: $ 17.7 million
Total box office: $ 148.1 million
Sank / Rise: - (-48%)

As expected, the triquel became the highest grossing film in the Bad Boys series over the weekend, both at home and worldwide. The previous high belonged to the second part, which earned $ 138.6 million in the US and $ 273.3 million worldwide. The third Bad Boys already have $ 290.8 million, and this is clearly not the limit.

2. "1917"


Week at the box office: 6
Added: $ 9.7 million
Total box office: $ 119.2 million
Sank / Rise: - (-39.3%)

Over the past week, the film by Sam Mendes sank almost 40%, but the position of vice-leader has not yielded to anyone. Interest in the drama is fueled by the fact that it is the main favorite of the Oscar ceremony. The film earned nearly $ 250 million worldwide, which is more than Rage ($ 211.8 million) and Captain Phillips ($ 218.8 million).

3. "The Amazing Journey of Dr. Dolittle"


Week at the box office: 3
Added: $ 7.7 million
Total box office: $ 55.2 million
Sank / Rise: - (-36.9%)

Dr. Dolittle's amazing adventure did not go well from the start. All three weeks that Stephen Gaigan's film spent at the box office, he consistently rounded out the top three, but there was no sense in it. With a huge $ 175 million budget, the film grosses only $ 126.6 million, although it should be noted that in some countries the premiere of the film has not yet taken place.

4. "Gretel and Hansel"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: $ 6.1 million
Total box office: $ 6.1 million
Sank / Rise: - (-)

The rookie of the week started from fourth place, which is not surprising at all. This is the fifth horror / thriller release since the start of the year, and none of its predecessors has been successful at the box office. Moreover, Gretel and Hansel started worse than Nanny ($ 7 million) and Underwater ($ 7 million), and even received low ratings from critics and viewers. Oz Perkins' film is saved by the fact that it was shot for a modest $ 6 million.

5. "Gentlemen"


Week at the box office: 2
Added: $ 6 million
Total box office: $ 20.4 million
Sag / Rise: -1 (-43.6%)

“Gentlemen” managed to oust from the top five “Jumanji”, registered in it last year. In two weeks, the crime drama has mastered almost $ 50 million in the world, which is two times less than the final result of "Agents A.N.K.L." ($ 107 million).

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Author: Jake Pinkman