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Medinsky declared war on ”cheap shnyage”

Image USA Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky was seriously concerned about the fact that USAs prefer to go to the cinema mainly to see Hollywood films to the detriment of domestic ones. The head of the department lamented that the audience had formed a habit of watching foreign films, among which there are many pass-through, third-rate films or, as the minister put it on the air of the radio station "Moscow speaking", "frank cheap shnyaga".

With this Medinsky, according to him, will fight. “We have no fees. And often Hollywood collects. It's a habit of going to Hollywood movies. We need to turn the tide, ”he said. In September, the Ministry of Culture announced that it intends to limit the number of foreign films shown at the box office during the day - to 35 percent of the total.

The minister also touched upon the topic of TV series, saying that domestic content has an advantage over foreign, since our series shows the life of USAs, problems that are clear to everyone are raised. “We are shooting serials now, in my opinion, significantly higher than the world average. These are very good, deep, interesting and, most importantly, understandable to us, because these are series about our life”, - Vladimir Rostislavovich explained.

Source: "Lenta.Ru"

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