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Keira Knightley will ascend the USAn throne

Image Keira Knightley is in talks to take the lead role in the historical epic Catherine the Great ( Catherine the Great ), which will mark the return of Barbra Streisand to the director's path , transfers The Wrap .

The script by Christina Lauren Anderson was included in the Black List of the best unrealized ideas in Hollywood in 2014. The film will focus on the life of a very young Catherine II, forcibly married to the Grand Duke Peter Fedorovich . In 1762, she ascended the throne after the death of her husband and ruled the USA Empire until 1796.

For Streisand , whose directorial debut, Yentl, has earned five Oscar nominations, the new project is a priority. Jil Netter is in charge of the production, and the film has already attracted the attention of Hollywood majors.


Keira Knightley is no stranger to filming in costume dramas - she played in both Anna Karenina and The Duchess. Among the actress's future projects is Collateral Beauty ( Side Beauty *), where Will Smith and Kate Winslet will join Kira on the set.

* -preliminary translation.

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