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Keira Knightley will go to post-war Hamburg

Image For Keira Knightley , roles in film adaptations of book dramas have become something of a calling card. Over the past decade, the actress has managed to be charming Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, the hapless Cecilia Tallis from Atonement and the multifaceted Anna Karenina from the same name the film version of Leo Tolstoy's work. Today it became known that Kira is ready to continue her literary journey and become the main heroine of the adaptation of Ridian Brook's novel " After the War ". According to Deadline , the company will be Alexander Skarsgard , the film will be directed by James Kent, and the producers will be Ridley Scott and his company Scott Free Productions .

In the printed original, the action takes place in Hamburg, in the British Occupation Zone of Germany. In the harsh winter of 1946, his wife Rachel ( Knightley ) and his son Edmund move to the British colonel Lewis Morgan , who was tasked with rebuilding the post-war city . Upon arrival, the woman learns about the unexpected decision of her husband: the couple will live in a house that previously belonged to a German family. Moreover, they will have to share the living space with the widowed former owner and his mentally traumatized daughter. In a confined space and in an atmosphere of personal grief, two parties will have to go through a series of frightening passions before knowing the transforming power of forgiveness ...


In addition to filming the adaptation of the historical novel Knightley , other projects await. In Barbra Streisand's film about the life of Catherine the Great , the actress will appear in the form of the eminent USA empress, and in another biopic she will play the French writer Sidoni-Gabrielle Colette. Recently, the news outlets wrote that the Englishwoman could also play the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Disney adaptation of The Nutcracker.

In December, Keira Knightley will appear on the big screens alongside Will Smith and Kate Winslet in the drama The Side Effect of Beauty.

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