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Casting: Dangerous Technologies and the Challenges of Growing Up

Image As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Ellar Coltrane has joined the cast of the thriller Sphere .

Based on the novel of the same name by Dave Eggers, the film will be directed by James Ponsoldt. Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, John Boyega, Karen Gillan and Patton Oswalt will join Coltrane .

The book Eggers tells the story of thetalented college graduate May Hollander ( Watson ) who begins her professional career in an Internet company The Circle . The main principle of the conglomerate's work is that the idea of the inviolability of personal space is no longer relevant. And so the company found a way to use technological advances to flaunt the personal lives of its customers.


Coltrane will play the protagonist's ex-boyfriend, who is trying to hide from the machinations of an Internet company. Sphere is the actor's first role since Richard Linklater's drama Boyhood, which earned six Oscar nominations .


Sarah Chok (The Clinic / Scrubs ) has a role in Harry Marshall's upcoming romantic comedy Mother's Day ( Mother's Day b>*), for which Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Keith Hudson, Jason Sudeikis, Cameron Esposito and many other actors have already signed up to take part in the filming. The film will be a continuation of the Marshall series of films, which tell about the lives of various people on the eve of the holidays ("Old New Year", "Valentine's Day"). Chock will appear as Gaby - the wife of a guy named Max ( Esposito ), raising a son with him. br />

And finally, Liana Liberato ("If I Stay") and Luke Benward ("Dear John") are sent to the set of the film about growing up " Human Limit”, based on the novel by Robert Lipsite. Donald Sutherland and Blake Cooper have already got the leading roles in the film adaptation. The film will focus on a plump and insecure teenager ( Cooper ), for whom summer holidays are a turning point in life, because under the guidance of a more experienced friend, he learns to fight back offenders. Liberato will play the main character's older sister, and Benward will play his new friend, whom every first girl in town falls for. Jim Loach is in the director's chair.

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