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Casting: Bourne's rival and car thief

Image According to The Hollywood Reporter , the creators of the fourth installment of the Bourne franchise have found an antagonist for their film: French actor Vincent Cassel ( "Black Swan"). Earlier there were rumors that Viggo Mortensen had been offered the role of the main villain.

The director's chair of the project housed Paul Greengrass, who already has two films in the series. In addition to Matt Damon, the cast also includes Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander.

The details of the plot of the new part are still kept secret, but it is known that Kassel will play an assassin. Clive Owen, Karl Urban and Edgar Ramirez played similar roles in previous films of the franchise.


The same source shares information that Scott Eastwood ("The Long Road") will star in the action movie Overdrive , which will be directed by Antonio Negret ("Transit"). Written by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, the film tells the story of two brothers - car thieves, heading to the south of France. However, instead of calmly getting to their destination, on the way the heroes get involved in a showdown with a criminal gang. The project has been under development since 2011.


Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy) has joined the cast of the thriller Sphere , an adaptation of Dave Eggers' novel of the same name. The plot of the novel was adapted by James Ponsoldt, and he will also lead the work on the painting. Gillan got the role of Annie - a sweet and slightly silly girl who is part of the company The Circle , which ties together email, social networks and bank cards their users. Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and John Boyega have already signed up to take part in the filming of the tape.

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