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Marvel plans to revamp the Avengers

Image The third phase of the Marvel cinematic universe has not yet started, and the studio bosses are already making plans for the next phase of the franchise's development. In an interview with Slash Film , Kevin Feige President and Jeremy Latchham Producer spoke about the state of the Avengers to Phase 4 .

"With the release of the first and second installments of“ Infinity War ”, the current version of the superhero team will cease to exist, - said Latchom . -In the comics, new faces constantly appeared in its ranks. In just a decade, the Avengers line-up has been able to change so radically that readers might not recognize a single character from the cover. Already at the end of Age of Ultron, we made it clear that the superhero team was about to change. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue to develop, but one of its storylines will come to an end. "

According to insiders, in the second part of " Infinity War " contracts for at least two stars of the film series - Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. While the former has already announced its desire to conclude a new deal with the studio, the latter remains silent about its future in the Marvel universe.


We already have an idea of how the“ War of Infinitywill end,” added Feige . -For now, however, we are painting the picture with broad strokes so that we can make changes to the script right in the course of the development of Phase 3 . In upcoming films, viewers will definitely see the last two Infinity Stones . We also plan to touch on how one Glove ended up with Thanos and the other with One . "


The first film of Phase Three will be the blockbuster Avengers Rift, which will be released on May 5, 2016 .

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