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Free with a clear conscience

Image Film companies Storyscape Entertainment and Pioneer Pictures take viewers into a world of brutal prison battles. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the script for the action-thriller " Champion " will be led by the author of the plots of the first film of the popular racing franchise "Fast and the Furious" and the cult sci-fi action movie "Seconds." Gary Scott Thompson .

The main character of the film will be an American who was imprisoned in Thailand. According to the long tradition of this country, every prisoner has the right to take part in a Muay Thai competition, the victory in which gives the right to early release. The protagonist decides to learn the art of Muay Thai and join the battle for his freedom ...

The project is produced by Robert S. Cooper, Richard Seperstein, Robert Kravis and Karl Herrmann.


Storyscape Entertainment also plans to work on the biopic The War Wizard, in which the star of the TV series Sherlock ( Sherlock ) Benedict Cumberbatch will appear as the illusionist Jasper Maskelyn, who invaluable assistance to the allies in the fight against the Nazis.

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