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Toxic Avenger Returns

Image Hollywood studios continue to seek inspiration from 80s pop culture. Deadline announces that Storyscape Entertainment has decided to take part in the reboot of the Toxic Avenger franchise.

The original film by Michael Hertz and Lloyd Kaufman was released in 1984. The main character of the story is the meek and clumsy cleaner Melvin , who, after falling into a barrel with toxic waste, turned into a huge mutant. Taking the nickname Toxie , he decided to use his superhuman strength to protect the weak and disadvantaged.

At the time of its release, Toxic Avenger was not very popular with viewers, who were scared off by the impressive number of sex and violence scenes that earned the film an R rating. However, already at the end of 1985, the film unexpectedly acquired a cult status among moviegoers thanks to night screenings in the famous New York cinema Bleecker Street Cinema . Over the next 15 years, the black comedy received three sequels and an animated spin-off.


The new Toxic Avenger will be scripted by Mike Arnold and Chris Poole (Archer / Archer ), and directed by Conrad Vernon , who already has experience on adult-rated films thanks to to the cartoon "Full Raskolbas".

Plans to reboot the franchise appeared six years ago. In May 2013, rumors began to circulate that Arnold Schwarzenegger was claiming one of the main roles in the remake, but then the project could not get off the ground. Fans of the series can only hope that with the help of Storyscape Entertainment and Vernon Toxic Avenger will finally be able to return to the screens.

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Author: Jake Pinkman