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The verdict was announced to Mikhail Efremov


The Presnensky Court of Moscow announced the verdict in a criminal case against the famous USA actor Mikhail Efremov. Previously, he was charged with committing a crime under paragraph “ a ” h. 4 art. 264 of the Criminal Code of the USA Federation (violation of the Traffic Rules by a person in a state of intoxication, resulting in the death of a person by negligence).

By a court decision, Efremov was found guilty of a fatal road accident and sentenced to eight years in a penal colony general regime. Note that the prosecutor's office demanded a more severe punishment for the actor. Efremov was also deprived of the right to drive a vehicle for a period of three years.

A traffic accident involving Mikhail Efremov occurred on the evening of June 8, 2020 in the area of Smolenskaya Square. It is believed that, moving along the inner side of the Garden Ring, the actor lost control of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, drove into the oncoming lane and made a collision with an oncoming Lada car. As a result, the driver of the latter was seriously injured and was urgently hospitalized. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, they could not save him. Efremov himself admitted his guilt.

The Topic of Article: The verdict was announced to Mikhail Efremov.
Author: Jake Pinkman