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Will the X-Men reboot?

Image The Latino Review portal shares rumors that the blockbuster " X-Men: Apocalypse " may be the last film in the franchise for Brian Singer , and the triquel "Wolverines "Will bring to its logical conclusion the story begun by the director in 2000 in the first" X-Men ".

A month ago, Hugh Jackman announced that in the very near future he will part with the Logan image. The actor is expected to play the mutant for the last time in Wolverine 3 . According to insiders, following Jackman , other stars of the original trilogy may leave the cinematic universe. It was also announced in March that Apocalypse will be Jennifer Lawrence's last release as Mystic . According to rumors, another star of the second trilogy - Michael Fassbender - does not want to continue to return to the familiar image.

Reportedly, Fox may reboot the franchise, focusing in future films on the adventures of young mutants from Apocalypse , including Storm ( Alexandra Shipp), Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), Night Serpent (Cody Smith-McPhee) and Jean Gray (Sophie Turner). Film company officials have so far declined to comment.


Apocalypse will premiere on May 19, 2016 , and Wolverine 3 will be released in USA March 2, 2017 . Currently, Fox is also working on Deadpool and Gambit solo albums.

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