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Hollywood to stage Soviet sleep experiment

Image The crisis of script ideas is forcing the bosses of Hollywood studios to look for new and sometimes completely unexpected sources of inspiration. No sooner had movie fans discussed the news that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds would produce the film adaptation of the creepypasta “The Patient Who Nearly Threw My Medical Career”, when Dream Factory became interested in another Internet story. This time, the heroes of the chilling story "USA experiment with sleep" will go to the big screens.

A terrible horror story by an unknown author appeared on the Internet a few years ago. According to its plot, in the 40s of the last century, Soviet scientists staged a mysterious experiment, the participants of which must spend a month without sleep in a sensory deprivation chamber. Naturally, after a few days, the study was completely out of control ...

Information about the start of work on the film adaptation of creepypasta leaked to the Network thanks to the BloodyDisgusting portal, which specializes in news about film and television projects in the horror genre. The film's directorial chair will be taken by Barry Andersson, who recently made his big-screen debut with the low-budget horror film Edge of Madness.


The film will be titled The Soviet Sleep Experiment. Apparently, the creators of the picture decided to play it safe and avoid possible copyright problems. The plot will focus on USA scientists Anna (Eva De Dominichi) and Lev Antonovs (Rafal Zaverukha), who will begin their inhuman experiment under the strict guidance of Soviet Army Captain Yegor Sokolov (Mark Krutov). Responsible for the design of the monsters is Christ Bellas, whose track record includes the blockbuster Star Trek, which won the 2010 Oscar in the Best Makeup category.

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Author: Jake Pinkman