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Joaquin Phoenix surrendered in front of the Joker

Image The studio bosses have tried several times to lure Joaquin Phoenix into superhero blockbusters, to no avail. He was offered to play Doctor Strange, Lex Luthor, but the matter did not go beyond negotiations. The actor even admitted to reporters that, perhaps, such a genre is not his element, but for the sake of the role of the Joker himself, Joaquin is ready to change his anger to mercy.

Variety has learned that the three-time Oscar nominee is in talks to play the Clown Prince of the Underworld in a solo album, which Warner Bros. is preparing separately from the already existing DC cinematic universe. For the first time movie fans heard about the project last year, when it became known that the major was planning to create a new banner and release films about famous characters from DC comics under it. At the same time, there were rumors that the WB bosses wanted to get Leonardo DiCaprio for the role of Joker, but this information was never confirmed. At the same time, do not forget that there will be two Jokers at once: Jared Leto will again try on the image of the Gotham villain in the sequel to Suicide Squad.

The director of the solo album is Todd Phillips ("The Bachelor Party in Vegas"), he is also one of the scriptwriters of the film along with Scott Silver ("And the Storm Came"). The source reports that Joaquin Phoenix was Phillips' prime candidate for the role of Joker, and after speaking with the director, the actor agreed. Negotiations with the WB studio should begin shortly. The details of the film are still kept secret, but, according to rumors, its action will unfold in the 80s. The tape will tell how the Joker turned into a genius criminal, and in terms of genre it will be closer to criminal dramas like Taxi Driver than to the usual superhero blockbusters.


This year Joaquin Phoenix can be seen in several films at once: the dramas You Were Never There, Don't Worry, He Won't Walk Far On Foot and Mary Magdalene, as well as the Sisters Brothers western.

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