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Detective Gurney will conquer the big screens

Image Canadian film company Innis Lake Entertainment will invite viewers to the world of exciting detective investigations. According to Deadline, the studio has acquired the rights to film a series of novels by John Verdon about detective Dave Gurney.

Verdon began his literary career in his seventh decade, after being fascinated by the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, Ross MacDonald and Reginald Hill. Debut work of the former advertiser was the action-packed thriller "Make a Number". In the center of the story is retired New York detective David Gurney, who agreed to help an old acquaintance unravel the mystery of the mysterious anonymous threatening letters. An experienced detective does not yet suspect that he has to play cat and mouse with an insidious opponent ...

Guess the Number was warmly received by literary critics and fans of the detective genre, thanks to which Verdon launched a whole series of works about the former employee of the homicide department. At the moment, the writer is preparing the sixth book about the adventures of Gurney for publication.


The opening novel of the book series will be adapted by Richard Wernham, who previously worked in the field of short films. The production of the film is entrusted to his son Nick Wernam ("No less strange than love").

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