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True Irish Detective

Image Hopscotch Features Film Company will invite viewers to the north of Ireland, where they will witness a fascinating investigation of a mysterious crime. As it became known to the publication Deadline, the Australian studio has acquired the rights to film adaptation of Dervla McTiernan's detective novel "The Ruins".

The debut work of a young Irish writer living and working in Australia has already made a splash on the green continent and will soon hit the shelves of American bookstores. The main character of the novel is an experienced detective Cormac Riley from the port town of Galway, who began his police career by investigating the death of drug addict Hilaria Blake.

Twenty years later, Cormac learns that the body of Hilaria's son has been found at the mouth of the Korrib River. When the cause of the guy's death is declared suicide, Riley goes to the scene to personally double-check all the facts ...


The film will be overseen by Maeva Gatineau, head of production at Hopscotch Features, who said Ruins is one of the strongest debut novels she has read.

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