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Only Ana de Armas in jazz

Image Since The Casino Heist, director Andrew Dominic has not made a single feature film and has added only a few Mindhunter episodes and the Feeling Again documentary to his track record. But Dominic is developing a number of projects, and one of them, the adaptation of the novel "Blonde" for Netflix, came out of a dormant state. Dominic finally found the actress he sees in the role of Marilyn Monroe in his film - this honor was given to Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049).

"Blonde" tells about the difficult fate of the talented Norma Jean Baker, who turned into a movie star named Marilyn Monroe, but due to a series of unsuccessful relationships and personal tragedy, she became addicted to drugs and began to suffer from a mental disorder.

Dominic does not hide that the adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates's book is an ambitious project. According to the director, the film will be able to enter the ten best films of all times and peoples. "Blonde" is a story about how childhood trauma defines a person torn between society and himself.


While de Armas is only negotiating, and Dominic has not received the green light from Netflix, but it is hoped that his dream project will still be realized. Over the years, Naomi Watts and Jessica Chastain have been interested in the "Blonde", and although de Armas does not have the same experience as the Oscar nominees, over the past few years she has become a rising star in Hollywood. This year alone, three films with Ana's participation will be released at once - the musical comedy "Yesterday" and the crime dramas "Three Seconds" and "The Knives Are Shaved."
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