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Netflix is ??interested in Marilyn Monroe's biopic

Image Four years have passed since the talented filmmaker Andrew Dominic , who was behind the films "Inside Look" and "How the Cowardly Robert Ford Killed Jesse James," presented his latest directorial creation to the audience. - Crime thriller "Casino Robbery". The fact is that over the past few years, Dominic has sought support from Hollywood studios for filming Marilyn Monroe's biopic.

In an interview with the portal IndieWire , the director admitted that the film " Blonde " will finally go into production, and the project will be financed by the service Netflix , which intends to release the tape not only on online platforms, but also in limited theater rentals.

Naomi Watts once claimed the lead role in a biographical drama based on the book of Joyce Carol Oates. In 2014, she was replaced by Jessica Chastain, but she also had to leave the project. In an interview, Dominic said that he had already found an actress for the role of Marilyn , but did not disclose her name yet.

The work Oates , released in 2000, tells about the events of the life of Norma Jean Baker , from childhood to the time when she was already under the pseudonym Marilyn Monroe became a Hollywood star.


Currently Andrew Dominic is preparing to release his new documentary, One More Time with Feeling, with which the director will go to the Venice Film Festival .

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Author: Jake Pinkman