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Warner Bros. Film Department will skip Comic-Con 2019

Image The sad news came from Warner Bros. The Hollywood studio once again spoiled the mood of its fans by canceling the presentation of new film projects at the Comic-Con 2019 festival.

The convention at the San Diego Convention Center is widely regarded as one of the most famous pop culture festivals in the world. Over the years, WB executives have booked a huge Hall H to chat with fans. Quite often, a three-hour presentation of the studio's new products became the main decoration of the festival.

This year, Comic-Con visitors will not have the opportunity to meet the creators of the WB blockbusters. Fans of the DC cinematic universe will react especially painfully to this information. The superhero franchise is clearly undergoing a makeover. In this regard, viewers, of course, would like to know at least some official information about her future fate. Moreover, WB could well have brought promo videos of "Joker", "Birds of Prey" and "Wonder Woman: 1984" to Comic-Con, as well as introduce the public to Robert Pattinson, who became the new performer of the role of Batman. Instead, she surrendered without a fight to competitors from Marvel, who, according to rumors, will finally reveal the composition of the films of the fourth phase of the development of their own cinematic universe.


Judging by preliminary information, other high-profile WB film projects will also be left out of the "Comic-Con" - from the new adaptation of "Dune" to the blockbuster "Godzilla vs. Kong". It seems that only the sequel "It" will get to San Diego. The presentation of the horror film will take place as part of the ScareDiego special festival program.

Initially, Warner Bros. The main gathering of the world geek community was presented as a rumor, but by now it has already been confirmed by several authoritative sources, including the creator of "Wonder Woman: 1984" Patty Jenkins.


For Warner Bros. fans it remains to be hoped that the studio will take revenge for the crushing fiasco of the film division and amaze Comic-Con with series presentations. As a reminder, this year's San Diego Festival will take place from July 18 to 21.

Source: Collider

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