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Review of the movie Machete. Guy Slasher


In a fight with a drug lord, a federal agent named Machete loses his family, turns out to be outlawed and takes revenge. Three years later, Machete is hired by a businessman to assassinate a senator who strongly opposes illegal immigration. But Machete is framed - and he himself becomes a target. Now he needs to find friends to cope with the superior number of enemies. Hooligan Robert Rodriguez released on screens a long-standing idea - exploitation trash Machete, where heads are chopped off, guts are released and half-naked sultry girls walk around the screen.

Machete "; - the bastard offspring of the creative union of Rodriguez and Tarantino, which gave birth to the project `` Grindhouse ''. Between two Grindhouse thrash stories - " Planet of Fear " and " Death proof '' - Several fake trailers of non-existent movies were shown, one of which was Machete.

Rodriguez now claims to have invented a story about a killer who was framed by his employer during movieing " Deperado " - and has since been preparing his cousin Danny Trejo for this role.

God knows what it was like - the fact is that the trailer for Machete was the most memorable in the Grindhouse - it was so boldly twisted and famously movieed that everyone, of course, since then wanted to see this movie.

AND " Machete " lives up to expectations! The opening episode of the cruel Rubilov, where Machete blows three heads at a time in one scene, sets the bar - and then blood pours back and forth across the screen, De Niro appears as the villain, the cop Jessica Alba, naked Lindsay Lohan and the sexiest Michelle Rodriguez in a black bra with pistols in her hands. The epic is crowned by a real massacre between immigrants and nationalists, where Danny Trejo fights with Steven Seagal.

At the same time, Rodriguez managed to write in" Machete " a fairly coherent plot about a conspiracy and a "revolusion", which is almost as exciting to watch as Danny Trejo chopping enemies into noodles.

Wicked fun and bloody frenzy all this in the movie does not take away - but, on the contrary, gives it an unusual piquant note, like pepper to Mexican dishes.

Danny Trejo shines on the screen as a laconic brutal killer who prefers a machete to a pistol and get close to the enemy rather than shoot from afar. For the colorful Mexican actor who has played almost two hundred negative roles, Machete is perhaps the main role in life, and he burns with might and main!

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Author: Jake Pinkman