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Space is still waiting for Machete

Image It's been almost six years since we last saw Danny Trejo on the big screen as Machete. Viewers have long been promised the third installment of the franchise, but moves in the direction of this epic sci-fi tape entitled "Machete Kills Again ... In Space!" has not yet been observed.

According to MovieWeb, Trejo recently shared with the public the latest news about the highly anticipated sequel. He stated that the film will be:“Robert Rodriguez is currently working on it. And it will be ... just unrealistically cool! ”. As for the possible deadlines, the actor didn’t go into specifics:“I can say that Robert has his own schedule, now he is working on a big project.

Machete first appeared on screen in Spy Kids. Next time we saw him in a fake trailer, which was shown in front of "Planet of Fear" Rodriguez in his joint film with Tarantino "Grindhouse". In it, Machete is presented as one of the operational films of the 70s (its creators tried to succeed financially, using current trends, niche genres and relevant content). This trailer became so popular that it became a full-length movie in 2010.


Robert Rodriguez is currently finishing work on his latest directorial project, Alita: Battle Angel, in which James Cameron is producing. The picture was supposed to be released this Christmas, but the premiere had to be moved to early next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman