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Mary Poppins promised to come back again

Image Despite the fact that "Mary Poppins Returns" did not collect too much box office, Disney still has no plans to abandon the franchise. As reported by MovieWeb, House of Mouse has already sent the third part of the magical nanny's adventures into development.

The tape was recently nominated for four Golden Globes, but has not won a single statuette. At the same time, Emily Blunt, who fought for the title of best actress, received excellent reviews from critics. News of the sequel was reported by director Rob Marshall, who hinted at a sequel being developed in a recent interview:Production is in its early stages, but I can tell you that we used Pamela Lyndon Travers' amazing work as the basis. The cycle contains eight books, so we still have a lot of great material. Hear how many Star Wars was there? Or James Bond films? If there is a great character, why not continue his story?".


Adding fuel to the fire, producer John DeLuca said that Blunt would be happy to return to Mary Poppins: “Emily catches fire when she talks about the role. And if people want to see the sequel, then I think we will satisfy their desire”.

However, audience demand can be a stumbling block. Mary Poppins Returns is likely to win a couple of Oscar nominations, but to date the sequel has grossed just $ 260 million on a massive $ 130 million budget for the musical. The picture has to collect a lot more to be profitable for Disney.

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Author: Jake Pinkman