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Daniel Craig Voted Top Drinking Bond

Image The famous movie hero James Bond is associated with viewers not only with ultra-modern gadgets, fast cars and gorgeous women, but also with elite alcoholic drinks. Betway bookmaker has carried out an interesting study to find out the alcohol addiction of the British super agent.

As it turned out, for twenty-four official Bond films, its titular character drank 302 servings of alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, 007's favorite drink was not vodka and martini. Surprisingly, the cult phrase “Shake but not mix” was used only 12 times in the series. More often than not, James preferred champagne.

The title of the most drinking Bond went to Daniel Craig. For four films, as the performer of the role of agent 007, the actor drank 85 times in the frame. If before the movie hero reached for a glass every eleven minutes, then under Craig this time was reduced to a little over six minutes. James owes the transition of alcoholism to the chronic stage of the management of the studio MGM, which made a lucrative deal on product placement with Heineken and forced the spy to uncork beer bottles every now and then.


As for films, the 2006 "Casino Royale" became the leader of the rating in terms of the number of alcohol servings Bond had drunk. During his stay at the poker tournament in Montenegro, Daniel Craig's hero drained 26 glasses of various drinks.

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Author: Jake Pinkman