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Daniel Craig: ”SPECTRUM is ten times cooler than Skyfall!”

Image Even for the franchise about Agent 007 , surpassing the blockbuster "007: Coordinates of Skyfall", which became the most successful film in the entire film series, is a rather difficult task. But already from the presented promotional materials it is clear that Sam Mendes and his team still tried to do everything in their power.

However, in an interview with Esquire Daniel Craig , he stated that at first they were not sure if anything would come out of the sequel to Skyfall fit:“This is the best British movie ever! We had no idea what we were going to do next. ”.

Initially, the actor believed that in the new part of the franchise, the creators will turn for ideas to Bond films of the era of Roger Moore, rather than try to tell about the origin of Agent 007 . However, Craig quickly changed his mind and now believes that he and the whole team gave their best on the set of the tape " 007: SPECTRUM ". And to the question of journalists about how much cooler the new film is "Skyfall" , the actor, without hesitation, answered:"Ten times cooler!".


James Bond is an old-school hero who does not fit the modern framework a bit. And Craig himself has certain doubts about this:“My Bond is not as misogynist as his previous incarnations. The world around has changed, and the creators of James Bond are trying to find the best actresses and prescribe such storylines for them that will take your breath away. In general, Bond is a very lonely person. Yes, he meets women, but they all come and go, and agent 007 is always alone ".

ImageFortunately, SPECTRA Bond will have no end to women: Naomi Harris will return to the role of Moneypenny , and among the new faces of the franchise can be seen such actresses as Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux and Stephanie Sigman .

After Sam Mendes announced his intention to leave Bond, rumors began to circulate that SPECTRUM would be the last James Bond movie and for Daniel Craig . And although the actor has signed a contract for one more film, he is not sure if he wants to return to his role:“Now I am completely unprepared for a new project about Bond . But, perhaps, over time, my opinion will change. ”.

Viewers can hope that Craig will nevertheless fulfill his contractual obligations and try on the costume of Agent 007 at least once again. In the meantime, British journalists are wondering who will be able to change the actor in this post. And the best option for them is the star of the series "Homeland" ( Homeland ) - Damien Lewis.


007: SPECTRUM opens in USA cinemas on November 6 .

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