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”Sorry for nobody, nobody”: review of ”A short course in a happy life”

Image In general, Valeria Guy Germanicus's series "A Short Course in a Happy Life" is a very strange series. So strange that hardly any review can serve as a guide, watch it or not. But we'll try it anyway.

Let's start with the fact that KKSZH is broadcast on one of the central channels, almost in prime time - attention! - the same people who cannot imagine their life without the programs “Let's get married” and “Let them talk!”

At the same time, "Short Course" is on the Internet with a bang, where Gregory House and Hank Moody are canonized and revered no less than the same Malakhova. Unlike other USA"soap",which, with rare exceptions, passes by this group of spectators unnoticed, as if it does not exist in nature.
Briefly the plot.Four women, about 30, beautiful, well-fed, well-dressed, provided with a job and not deprived of male attention, eagerly seek happiness. Not really imagining to the end where to look for it and what it is, in fact, it is. At the same time, they are surrounded by men, a lot of men, but all of them are not far from being: deeply married, downright drunks, cross-eyed maniacs (a wonderful cameo by Roman Volobuev! ) and other "exhibits".That is , according to the statistics of Valeria Guy Germanicus and her screenwriter Anna Kozlova, for ten girls today, if there is something, then definitely not guys.

ImageDirector, well known to the domestic audience for his previous, no less scandalous, projects about a younger audience - the film “Everybody will die, but I will stay” and the TV series “School” - continues to poke around in the old wounds of the viewer (mainly spectators). At the same time, demonstrating the skill acquired over the years of work in this direction:“So, it doesn't hurt here? And here? And not here? But so if? Aha! Here it is! ". Valeria and Anna have everything extremely honest - from cellulite to horse shampoo, from the eternally chewing of the former to the fish eyes of the present. But these painful procedures are unlikely to lead to widespread healing of the experimental, the patient, that is, the spectator. However,
Thatviewer,"Malakhovsky",will see only our answer "Sex in the big city", and the answer is very confused. Take any average participant / admirer of the program "Let them talk!" from some urban settlement, who suddenly stayed at the TV in the evening and sawthis.After all, her husband must be beating her regularly, the neighbors behind the wall are boiling desomorphine, they sell rotten potatoes on the market, and not a single whole tights are left.

ImageShe's up to these four swags like the heroines of "Sex" - how to the star, then. After all, she won't even guess where the recipe for a happy life is buried, and decides that here it is: take a course on playing a leather flute and voila - a mini-cooper, a beautiful dog and a man who washes more often than once a month.“This is it, stupid happiness, with white windows to the garden.”And you don't need to say that KKSJ is a black man. Chernukha is Balabanov and Malakhov, and Short Course is just a concentrate of everything unpleasant to the eye and ear that is in modern women. With a spoonful of honey, by the way: they love children and dogs, they strive to be honest, they don't abandon their"at war", and so on,
Meanwhile, what is happening on the screen rather demonstrates how one should not live. And directly"course",it is in the voice-over (this is Irina Khakamada , if someone did not know). It's only very difficult to focus on this voice when someone is constantly copulating on the screen and mice are shot from a service weapon.

ImageIn reality, the perception of KKSJ depends only on on which side of this, if I may say so, reality you live. If outside - sorry for them. If inside and at least somehow reflect - feel sorry for yourself. If you are Valeria Gai Germanicus -“feel sorry for no one, no one.”The speech of Katyusha (Ksenia Gromova) about the stop is very indicative in connection with these conclusions of her childhood, where she went out from the morning and stumbled upon the concrete:"Go to ...",scribbled right at eye level.“And every morning I had the feeling that this is where I was going ...”, -said Katyusha to her random drinking companion,
For all the vileness of the presentation, the acting in the series is beyond praise, which is also very strange, because there is essentially nothing to praise. They don't seem to play, but they don't seem to be fake. Germanicus and her screenwriter have some special fabric of colloquial speech woven - there is something to complain about, but falling in love is also easy. Khodchenkova ( Sasha ), by the way, once again proved that everything is in order with her acting potential. And even after losing weight, she did not lose, but gained. Remember her in the film "Bless the Woman" - such a Svetlana fashion director Valeria would not have invited her to appear.
With musical background in general, complete hello. Because in their right mind, no spectator with a good musical taste would listen to that. But here all this pop snot is so relevant that they can break a tear, especially for sensitive persons. As it happens at least once with every passionate admirer of the rabidindie,who suddenly (most often in a drunken stupor or being abandoned by hisindiegirlfriend) hears some Tanya with her "Debris of feelings" and that's it. So she will sink into his soul that he will write these "Debris" in his"in contact"as 65daysofstatic, and will listen on the sly, cherishing this a new (or long-forgotten) tick in the chest area.

ImageMen are better off KKSJ not to look at all. Or look only at Anya Slya ( Anya ). This cherry on the cake is worth eating first (the cake can be thrown away, it's stale). Any attempts to comprehend and digest the series can inadvertently lead a man to the false feeling that now he has begun to understand them, women. No matter how it is. This series is just the tip of the iceberg, if you know what we are talking about ...

In the blame of Germanicus , one could put a camera, from which the average USA viewer (and at this time he is usually a little tough) mercilessly muddies. But, firstly, it was not Germanicus who came up with the idea of waving equipment like that (and why are they not showing the Dogma-95 project to the same viewers?), And secondly, you get used to this rolling , as well as to everything superficial in this series.
And there are only four women left: so understandable, so amazing and stunningly lonely and at the same time not realizing their beautiful, well-fed, peaceful happiness. Sasha, Katyusha, Lyubochka, Anechka - we wish you all a speedy happy end. At least you ...

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