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An ironic goodbye. Review of the fifth ”Transformers”

Image There are directors whose names are associated with specific franchises. Michael Bay is one of them. And at first he started well with the "Bad Boys", but then switched to the big metal guys who, without dividing their planet, came to sort things out on ours. And now the fifth part of the story about Autobots, Decepticons and people who persistently try to prove that they mean something in the battle of the titans is being released ...

The leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime arrives at Cybertron and does not recognize his homeland. From the once powerful and prosperous planet, only memories remain - it is slowly dying. However, there is a chance for salvation: you need to go to Earth and pump out the life force from it. It is this thought that inspires Optimus by the one who calls herself Creator . And obeying her suggestion, Optimus decides to save his native Cybertron ... at the cost of the life of the Earth.

For the fifth (and by his own oath, the last) time Michael Bay took the helm at the helm of Transformers . The cast included Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, and it is not clear how the genius Sir Anthony Hopkins who got into this company. Steve Jablonski is traditionally the author of the musical accompaniment for dramatic and pathetic moments.


The new Transformers has all the components for which the viewer loves (or, conversely, dislikes) the franchise. Modern graphics here side by side with the paranoid Turturro , the action is often started solely for the sake of action, circular shooting at every convenient moment, the main character wrinkles his forehead with all his might, pretending to understand the situation, and the heroine does not forget how open your mouth on a schedule (Megan Fox-style) on each close-up. In a word, there is everything except the laws of logic and physics, but Bay does not often use them in his tapes anyway. And the new "Transformers" are no exception.

You can, of course, reproach Michael Bay for taking action to the absolute when filming his films. That his main soundtrack is a symphony of destruction with grinding metal as the first violin. That the dramatic scenes are very, very conditional. That the pathos sensor is off scale, especially at the time of patriotic speeches. And so on and so forth. However, the authors of all these claims invariably vote for "Transformers" over and over again in dollars, rubles and yuan, thereby motivating Paramount bosses to continue the franchise. They go to the cinema to see what they will then scold. And every time they are outraged that nothing changes. In general, to criticize the director for the release of the next "badabum without a soul", which will collect hundreds of millions at the box office,

But given the "goodbye" mood of Bay (after all, he gave this franchise ten years), it becomes clear that he could not just shoot another "badabum" lasting two and a half hours. Therefore, the filmmaker decided to very subtly and neatly play a trick on most of his own cliches, which wandered from one part to another, since he has experience in creating ironic films. In some scenes, the director makes fun of the heroine with her mouth ajar, the excessive pathos in the musical accompaniment, the bombastic speech of Optimus Prime , or the Autobot, which remains an Autobot if you weld the Decepticon's hand on it. And these moments, firstly, look really funny: the director himself laughed at an impressive part of what he was criticized for. And secondly, we were shown the main thing - the director's attitude to all this silly booth. As it turned out, Bey does not have self-irony.

A funny couple brings everything to the point of absurdity: an elderly lord and his robot butler. The role of the first is played by Anthony Hopkins , obviously getting a lot of pleasure from what is happening around. Yes, he is an actor of the broadest range, but this does not prevent him from playing the fool with a serious look. And in general, this professional has already proved everything to everyone long ago. And now he has only demonstrated that his role is not limited to the images of an esthete cannibal, a Roman commander or a guide to death. He can very well fit into the frank booth of any "Michaelbay".


A few months before the premiere, Hopkins surprised everyone by publishing a letter in the public domain, in which he called Michael Bay a genius. This, of course, added fuel to the fire of the audience's curiosity. As it turned out, Bay really laughed at himself with talent. And if this really becomes the last work of the director at the helm of the franchise, then the farewell turned out to be very ironic. Except for this irony, everything is unchanged - we have a typical Michael Bay .

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Author: Jake Pinkman