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Paramount will send viewers to Cybertron

Image The $ 135 million blockbuster "Bumblebee" is still in theaters, and while it has not been successful in the box office, it has received critical acclaim from fans and critics. According to MovieWeb, Paramount has given the green light to an animated film based on the saga. This time, fans of "Transformers" will go to the homeland of the Autobots and Decepticons - Cybertron.

The news was shared by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura in a recent interview, where he said that the studio is developing a cartoon that will tell the whole mythology of Cybertron. Although the planet was already shown in "Bumblebee", the main action of the tape still takes place on Earth. Other parts of the franchise also did not talk about this important place, where the war of the Autobots and Decepticons began thousands of years ago.

The director of the Transformers spin-off about the yellow Autobot, Travis Knight, spoke of his desire to make a film about Cybertron: “It will be fully animated, but with natural lighting, textures and everything else, like the opening footage of Bumblebee. This opening scene was one of my most thrilling experiences. We brought Cybertron back to life and watched it fall because that's how the original series began. We wanted to pay tribute to the classic cartoon. I tried to invest as much as possible in those first moments as I always wanted to see a movie like this. ”


While the tape will technically be animated, CGI will allow it to look as real as a remake of The Lion King, which looks like a live-action movie but is not. Information about when the picture about Cybertron will be released is not yet available.

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Author: Jake Pinkman