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Academy Award Winners Announced


The British Film Academy (BAFTA) has announced the list of its award winners. The leader in the number of awards was the tape `` Artist '' Michel Hazanavicius. The picture was presented in 12 nominations and as a result received seven golden masks.

1. " Best Film "

2. Best Direction (Michelle Hazanavicius)

3. Best Screenplay (Michel Hazanavicius)

4. " Best Cinematography " (Guillaume Schiffman)

5. Best Actor (Jean Dujardin)

6. " Best Music " (Ludovic Bursa)

7. " Best suits " (Mark Bridges)

The Best Actress award went to Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady. Christopher Plummer became the oldest BAFTA award winner in history. He received an award for his supporting role. Octavia Spencer won in the same female nomination.

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Author: Jake Pinkman